Another round for top performance ProPlay® shock pad at soccer field replacement

After eight years, the turf of a soccer field in IJburg (The Netherlands) had to be replaced. The ProPlay® shock pad underneath, which was installed in 2010, was still fully functional.

When the turf was taken off recently, installers discovered a flawless ProPlay®-Sport20 field which looked like it was installed yesterday. Moreover, the performance still was on the same level. As good as new, not a single sheet needed to be replaced.

Of course, this was good news for the investor who could now see with his own eyes the return of an investment done eight years ago. In general, the warranty of all ProPlay® shock pads is 25 years. So this underlayment will be good for at least another 17 years.

The highest altitude ProPlay® field completed in Bolivia

The highest altitude ProPlay® field, located in Estadio Municipal Villa Ingenio in the municipality of El Alto in Bolivia, is completed. El Alto is the highest major metropolis in the world, with an average elevation of 4,150 m. It makes this field the highest altitude FIFA Quality Pro certified field in the world. It is also the first synthetic turf field with a horizontal drainage system in Bolivia, using the
ProPlay®-Sport23D shock pad with an outstanding drainage capacity.

El Alto (Spanish for “The Heights”) is the second-largest and youngest city in Bolivia, located adjacent to La Paz in Pedro Domingo Murillo Province on the Altiplano highlands. Today, El Alto is one of Bolivia’s fastest-growing urban centers, with a population of 974,754 in 2011.

Estadio Municipal Villa Ingenio is the first modern stadium in Bolivia and has a capacity of 25,000 spectators. The Government allocated 55.8 million Bolivians for the construction which is about 6.6 million Euros. The stadium cover 22.850 square meters so it has enough room for other sports. This mainly benefits the children and young people of the city, so they have a place for training and entertainment.

The municipality of El Alto were highly satisfied with the time of installation. Temperatures in El Alto vary between -17ºC and 18ºC which can make the installation a challenge. This however was no problem for the professional installation crew who completed the installation in just two weeks. ProPlay® panels are puzzle shaped and therefore easy to install during all weather conditions.

The stadium was officially inaugurated by Bolivian President Evo Morales in Villa Ingenio. It was premiered by the teams of ‘Bolívar’ and ‘The Strongest’ in a classic ‘paceño’. “Brothers and sisters, a small gift to the people of El Alto, to that rebellious people, rebellious not only for the demands of the people of El Alto, but also for the people of La Paz and fundamentally for the Bolivian people,” the President said after giving the inaugural kick. “The people of El Alto from the first moment guaranteed us the democratic cultural revolution with their conscience, with their vote and therefore fulfilling our responsibilities to recognize with this kind of works the people of El Alto,” he said.

The realization of the high quality field was a collaboration between Greenfields (who provided the high quality synthetic turf) and Schmitz Foam Products B.V. (who provided the high performance ProPlay® shock and drainage pad). The collaboration resulted in this world-class synthetic turf FIFA Quality Pro certified system with excellent playing characteristics and high durability.

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Challenging project in Hong Kong

The iconic Hong Kong Football club, located in Happy Valley in the Center of Hong Kong, wanted to replace their main existing Football pitch. Since there is a shortage of pitches for both Rugby and Football in Hong Kong and the demand for pitch use is very high, a quick turnaround time for construction of the pitch was required. Another requirement was that the shock pad used for the replacement had be guaranteed for at least fifteen years. Considering these criteria, the ProPlay-Sport23 shock pad was used for this project.

The weather often slows installation of shock pads in Hong Kong, particularly in the summer, but this was not an issue with the ProPlay pad which is well known for its weather independent installation. The entire project was completed on schedule and meets both FIFA Pro Quality and World Rugby standards.

Innovative solution for multi-use fields

This multi-use field was completed last January by our partner Polytan in Centennial Park Sydney. A synthetic turf system with a ProPlay-Sport shock and drainage pad was applied. The multi- use field is an innovative solution to give a variety of different sports and sports teams the opportunity to play and practice in the same area.

The goal for the Moore Park Synthetic Field was to overlay a number of aged netball courts with a modern synthetic field offering multi-sport activity do the local user groups.

Polytan proposed an exclusive patented system of drainage cell, ProPlay Sport shock pad with LigaTurf RS+260 COOLplus football turf meeting the performance criteria for FIFA, World Rugby and NRL. The drainage cell proposal eliminated the need to disturb the stable earth of the parklands ensuring a solid, well graded base retaining its long-term stability.

The football field, with multiple line marking is now heavily booked for team activity and compliments the nearby sports and recreation facilities. Not only are long established clubs playing and training on the surface, but small team sports activity is heavily booked beyond original expectations.

ACT Global and Schmitz provide pitches for Homeless World Cup

On September 12, individuals of varying backgrounds, nationalities, ages and interests, will come together in Amsterdam for the 13th Annual Homeless World Cup.

The Homeless World Cup is on a mission to inspire life change through the power of football. Founded in 2001, the Homeless World Cup and its partners now span 74 countries, and has impacted the lives of 1 million homeless people worldwide. An estimated 100 million people are homeless worldwide. And as many as 1 billion lack access to suitable housing.

ACT Global is the official synthetic turf sponsor for the event. They supplied the turf for 3 pitches which also required a shock pad. Therefore Schmitz Foam Products donated 1300m2 ProPlay-Sport shock pad for the tournament to their partner ACT global. Both parties are honored to be supporting such a worthy cause.

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First synthetic pitch in french Top 14 rugby competition

The Charles-Mathon Stadium, home stadium of the French Top 14 first division rugby club US Oyonnax, will install a synthetic pitch. This is the first synthetic pitch for a French professional club of this level in France. Therefore, US Oyonnax is a pioneer in choosing a synthetic turf system among the French Top 14 rugby teams.

Some prominent professional rugby teams in the UK already achieved amazing results by switching to a synthetic surface. Elite Rugby Club Cardiff Blues for example, decided to switch from natural grass to a synthetic turf system from FieldTurf with a ProPlay-Sport23 shock pad for the 2013-2014 season. Cardiff Blues Chief Executive Richard Holland said the new surface now allows games to go ahead no matter the weather. In 2014, the Cardiff Blues even hosted the final of the Amlin Cup in this pitch.

The previous natural pitch was unable to perform all year round and will therefore be removed. The new, artificial pitch delivers optimal playing conditions, safety and comfort for rugby on top level and will be ready at the end of this summer. Because the Oyonnax region can experience challenging weather conditions in the winter months, that’s when the main benefits will be seen. For US Oyonnax, this was one of the crucial element in the choice of a new pitch. But also the reduction of the stadium’s expenses in comparison to the maintenance costs of the natural grass field.

The Charles-Mathon stadium will welcome the important matches of the Top 14 and Champions Cup, but will also be the home of community school’s teams. The applied FieldTurf Vertex 65 synthetic turf system, with a ProPlay-Sport20 shock and drainage pad inside, is perfectly adapted for elite rugby as it has successfully undergone demanding tests under the criteria set by the International Rugby Board. In particular, the surface is characterized by soft and strong fibers with extraordinary resistance and durability, giving US Oyonnax the best long term solution and excellent conditions all year round.


First high-quality artificial soccer field delivered in Uruguay

We are proud to announce the completion of the artificial turf installation at the Training Center complex, Los Cespedes, belonging to the emblematic Uruguayan football club, National FC.

This field is the first high-quality artificial soccer field in Uruguay. Because the soils in Uruguay are made of sticky clay, its very difficult to work with. Therefore, building the base construction was quite a challenge. Not only due to the soil and surrounding topography, but also due to the subtropical weather with non-stop rainy days. Despite these challanges, our collaborating partners (PSports Systems and Desso Sports Systems) managed to keep the most important goal in mind: quality above all. They delivered a beautiful even lawn with a ProPlay-Sport23D shock pad and perfect white markings.

Opening of Oranda Jima House in Japan

With the disastrous destructive powers caused by Tsunami on March 11th 2011, de Funakoshi Elementary School and its After School Club House was destroyed. To support reconstruction activities in the region, the Oranda Jima Foundation (OJF) was formed from a group of leading Dutch businesses in Japan. In March 2012 OJF promised to provide full support of the reconstruction of this club.

The Oranda Jima House, short for Funakoshi After School and Community Centre, was donated to the town as a public facility to serve the children and citizens in Yamada Machi. Located adjacent to the town’s nearby elementary school, the 194 square-meter building’s inspired design encompasses playrooms for children, a sound proof music room wherein children will host a local radio show and practice music, a small interior courtyard, workspace for staff, a Japanese tatami quiet space for rest and psychiatric counselling, a multi-functional room and kitchen as well as a wooden deck and exterior playground. The facility will accommodate 60 children, and the local community will use the house to support in developing the after school activities.

On May 24th Oranda Jima House was officially opened. Schmitz Foam Products partnered with the Dutch non-profit group the Oranda Jima Foundation to jointly realize this project. For our contribution, we donated the ProPlay surface for the artificial turf playground outside the building. Sumitomo and Hasetora Spinning donated the carpet for which they used the grey and white yarn donated by Ten Cate North America. We hope that the children of Yamada will be able to safely use this club house and playground for many years to come.

ProPlay base on first artificial ski slope in Turkey

Recently, the official opening of the very first ‘all seasons’ artificial ski slope in Turkey took place. This ski project is situated in a new ski resort in the city of Gaziantep. Especially for this project, Schmitz Foam Products developed the high-quality ProPlay-Ski shock pad.

Prisme Events has worked in collaboration with the team from the city of Gaziantep to bring life to this huge 10,000 m² (107,640 sqft) ski project in total. The ski slopes, situated at an altitude of 800 meter, will be operational all the year round without any snow-blower or cold energy, thanks to the AstroTurf Snow Sports Surface.

The Erikse Gaziantep resort includes 2 expert slopes of 200 m and 240 m long with 3 different levels of difficulty. It also includes a ski school of 800 m², a beginners slope and a tubing area. On site, there is also a rope course as well as an artificial lake and all necessary amenities such as changing rooms, panoramic restaurant and bar.

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Former ‘Tennenplatz’ transforms into modern artificial grass field

Former ‘Tennenplatz’ called “Neustädter-Schleifscheibe”, recently transformed into a modern artificial grass field. Because ProPlay-Sport23D was applied in the design, an affordable and high-quality execution was possible.

Peter Näther, Object Manager SSV Neustadt/ Sa.: “We are very enthusiastic about the optimal playing characteristics. The players love this field because of its excellent sporttechnical characteristics. Even after heavy rainshowers the field is immediately playable. The drainage system functiones great!”

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