Johan Cruyff Foundation

Dutch minister Ploumen opened first Cruyff Court in Mumbai, India

On June 6th, Dutch minister for foreign trade and development, Lilianne Ploumen, opened the first Cruyff Court in Mumbai, India. This court was made possible by the Johan Cruyff Foundation, the municipal Amsterdam and the city of Mumbai. TenCate Grass supplies the Johan Cruyff Foundation with the synthetic turf for al of the Cruyff Courts.

The Cruyff Courts are made of the durable TenCate XP Blade™ synthetic turf fibres. TenCate XP Blade™ does not split, making it the right choice for the highest use fields. In addition TenCate XP Blade™ is more resilient than regular tape yarns: instead of laying flat like other tape yarns do,

The Cruyff Court in India is a result of the economic collaboration between the Mayors of the City of Amsterdam and the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai. The Cruyff Court in Mumbai fulfills the desire to give back the community, the corporate social responsibility aspect of this economic collaboration. And will give the children of Parel a safe place to play in the centre of the community.

The Indian NGO, Magic Bus, steers over 275.000 children towards a better life with better awareness, better life skills, and better opportunities, in the journey from childhood to livelihood by using sport and games. They will also organize activities on the Cruyff Court. But also the Mumbai Distric of Football Association (MDFA) is closely involved with the Cruyff Court, especially because football is becoming increasingly popular in India.

Niels Meijer, director of the Johan Cruyff Foundation: ”We are very proud of the fact that we realized the first Cruyff Court in India in collaboration with the city of Amsterdam and municipal of Mumbai. We create a platform where children and youngsters in Mumbai have an opportunity to play sports and games, play together. We use football as a means to help them in their personal growth. Through the collaboration with our partners such as TenCate/Greenfields, who is our supplier for the artificial turf, and AkzoNobel, who donated their products so that we were able to give the surroundings a facelift, we were able to realize this Cruyff Court.”

Mr. Kandharkar, president of the MDFA, said, “This facility once up and running will be a major boost for the area and will inspire the next generation of young people to take up sport. We would like to thank the Cruyff Foundation for all their support in helping to make this possible.”


XtraGrass pitches for Vitesse GelreDome stadium and training facility

Dutch football club, Vitesse, is having a new pitch laid at its home stadium, the GelreDome, as well as at its Papendal training facility. The prestigious Arhnem club came fifth in the 2014-15 Dutch Eredivisie. The club elected for revolutionary hybrid natural grass pitches, XtraGrass™, which will be laid during the season’s Summer break.

XtraGrass is a natural grass pitch, enhanced with a woven artificial grass backing. The proportion of natural grass to artificial grass in the pitch’s composition is 90 percent to ten percent, respectively. The hybrid XtraGrass system is an innovation by GreenFields, part of Dutch materials technology enterprise, Royal Ten Cate NV.

This latest generation of hybrid natural grass pitches is distinguished by its durability, evenness and stability, while successfully meeting the high standards of playability expected from natural grass football pitches at the game’s highest level.

XtraGrass means durability, evenness and stability
Joost de Wit, general manager at Vitesse comments on the club’s investment in the new professional sports surface: “To be able to compete in elite sports, you need to have the very best facilities available. Our pitch at the GelreDrome last season left something to be desired. As a leading club, we can benefit hugely from a world-class natural grass pitch. GreenFields will now provide us with that pitch, which represents an important step towards securing our future and achieving our ambitious but wholly realistic objectives as a professional football club.”

In addition, Vitesse’s training facility, Papendal will also receive an XtraGrass™ pitch for use by the first eleven. Preparations are already under way on the main training pitch at Papendal for the laying of a GreenFields® MX artificial grass pitch; the newest edition of the woven artificial grass system.

Agterberg is the company overseeing this project and is also in charge of the overall maintenance of the Vitesse training complex.

TenCate Grass

Monkstown Hockey Club gets new synthetic turf field with TenCate Grass components

The new water based field will be installed at the joint complex of the Monkstown Hockey Club and the Rathdown School in Dun Laoghaire, a town on the west coast, just south of Dublin. The high-quality synthetic turf system will be made from TenCate Monoslide™ LSR® fibres and G16 backing. The field is durable and sliding friendly thanks to the usage of TenCate Monoslide™ LSR® fibres. The G16 backing provides strength, stability and keeps the playing field level. GreenFields will install the new hockey field. This will be the first water based GreenFields® TX field in Ireland.

Rich history

The Monkstown Hockey Club was founded in 1894 and one of the oldest hockey clubs from Ireland. The club is also one of the most successful, with an impressive track record full of championships both seniors and youth. No wonder Monkstown in its rich history many internationals brought forth – and still produces.
The men’s team has been playing since time immemorial at the highest level and was recently in 2012 and 2013 champions. In 2014 Monkstown won the European Champions Trophy for clubs. Last season the club debuted in the Euro Hockey League. Monkstown is trained by former international Graham Shaw, with 151 caps a celebrity in Ireland. Monkstown is also known for its youth. Currently the club has about 300 juniors, the largest number in the country.

Youth and exercise

The installation of the new synthetic turf field is a joint initiative of hockey Monkstown and girl boarding school Rathdown, many students back hockey at Monkstown. The new, state-of-the-art facility underscores their sporting ambitions: to offer the best conditions for the athletes to peak performance.
But the field is not only being built for the hockey players at Monkstown and Rathdown. It also serves a social purpose: more people, especially children, to get exercise. Thus, soon, other schools in the region make use of it. The TenCate Monoslide™ LSR® synthetic turf fibres make this possible, since the fibres are suitable for hockey 24 hours a day, all year round. The new pitch and accommodation needs to be ready in September when the new hockey and school season starts.

GreenFields UK

Ponteland Middle School gets new football facility

GreenFields UK recently undertook the construction of a new football facility on behalf of Ponteland Middle School in Northumberland. The facility includes a 79m x 52m 3G Evolution XQ 60 playing surface with integral sports fencing and floodlighting. Jointly funded by the school, the Football Foundation and the FA, the build was completed and handed over to a delighted client on time and on budget. The GreenFields® Evolution XQ 60 is a system that is constructed with the synthetic turf components of TenCate Grass.
GreenFields Project Manager Mark Bucknall commented “This was not the easiest of projects to execute as the site is home to the Great Crested Newt, which is an endangered and protected species” but due to the close liaison with English Nature in which GreenFields UK installed exclusion fencing and pitfall traps to catch and re-locate any newts straying into the construction site, Mark said “I am happy to report that no newts were harmed in the making of this programme”
The facility was officially opened by former premiership footballer Alan Shearer OBE, who played as a striker in the top level of English league football for Southampton, Blackburn Rovers, Newcastle United FC and for the England national team.

TenCate Grass

Sport and recreation: safe and sustainable

TenCate is focusing on the growing need for protection of people and their working and living environments: when we are on the move (In transit), at home (In habitats), at work (At work) and when we are playing sports or enjoying time out for recreation (During leisure).

When it comes to leisure or free-time activities, it’s mainly a question of sport and recreation. TenCate serves this end market via four market groups: TenCate Outdoor Fabrics and TenCate Grass, and to a more modest extent TenCate Advanced Composites and TenCate Geosynthetics.

There’s a good chance that anyone who spends his or her free time camping, walking or playing sport will come across TenCate materials. For the end market sport and recreation the material technology concern develops and produces synthetic turf (sport and landscaping) and outdoor fabrics (camping tents and awnings), composite materials for sports articles, and geosynthetics for recreational purposes. TenCate incorporates special characteristics (functionalities) into these materials based on the worldwide trends ‘safety’ and ‘sustainability’.

Leisure activities and sports require safe and sustainable facilities. High-grade outdoor fabrics offer protection against sun, UV radiation, rain, fire, wind, snow and unwelcome visibility. Synthetic turf saves on water consumption and maintenance, prevents injuries and creates an even playing field.

The market for synthetic turf continues to grow worldwide, not only for sport but also for landscaping. The demand for high-grade fibres, backing, infill and sports systems is picking up, and more attention is being given to quality and the ‘look & feel’ of landscaping projects. New (woven or tufted) synthetic turf systems for top-flight sport have set a new standard.

Dutch professional football is expressing more interest in synthetic turf. This interest is being translated into a growing number of orders for synthetic turf systems and the XtraGrass™ system of GreenFields for both professional and amateur football. XtraGrass™ is a hybrid system, consisting of synthetic grass fibres and biodegradable fibres. XtraGrass™ is a patented, 100% recyclable synthetic turf system that can be tailored to fit any football ground.

Johan Cruyff Foundation

Johan Cruyff and Fernando Ricksen open Cruyff Court in memory of Stefano Borgonovo

Johan Cruyff opened together with Chantal Borgonovo, wife of Stefano Borgonovo, and Fernando Ricksen, former striker of Glasgow Rangers, the first Cruyff Court in Italy, which is dedicated to Stefano Borgonovo. The Cruyff Court Stefano Borgonovo in Como, Italy. This Cruyff Court is a joined initiative of the Cruyff Foundation and the Borgonovo Foundation and greatly supported by the UEFA.TenCate Grass supplies the Johan Cruyff Foundation with the synthetic turf for the Cruyff Courts, and is intensifying its cooperation in the Netherlands and internationally with the Johan Cruyff Foundation.

A year ago, former Milan and Fiorentina striker Borgonovo, who won the Champions League with Milan and earned three caps for the Italian national team, died aged 49 following an eight-year battle with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, better known as Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS).

If Stefano Borgonovo was still alive today he would describe himself as the happiest man on earth. Not just because he would finally come to know the man he admired when he was a kid, but also because the idol of his childhood has opened a Cruyff Court in the town where Stefano celebrated his first triumphs as a professional player.

“A dream comes true”, says his wife Chantal. “My husband went crazy for Johan Cruyff. He admired him so much that he dedicated him a chapter of his autobiography. Even Stefano’s football school has the orange colour in its emblem as a tribute to Cruyff. He would have loved to know Johan personally. I am extremely happy and grateful to Johan because, thanks to the opening of the Cruyff Court in Como, the spirit of Stefano will be even stronger with us.”

Cruyff said: “This is a very special day for me as well. I am happy to open the first Cruyff Court in Italy and it makes me particularly proud that this court is dedicated to Stefano. It might be that Stefano tried to copy me as a kid. Stefano was an outstanding personality – on and off the pitch. I hope that with this teamwork between both Foundations and through this Cruyff Court in Stefano’s name, we can generate attention to find a cure for this terrible disease.”

The Johan Cruyff Foundation was founded by the legendary Johan Cruyff. The Cruyff Foundation is regarded as a major authority on sports for children – including disabled children – and related community projects. A Cruyff Court is a modern alternative of the ancient green, which one could find in a lot of neighborhoods and districts, but has over the years been sacrificed due to urbanization and expansion. The local children get a good safe place where they can play sport and through the cooperation of the local council, corporations, schools, sport and football clubs and local businesses, the Cruyff Court also has an important social function in the neighborhood.

The Cruyff Courts are made of the durable TenCate XP Blade™. TenCate XP Blade™ does not split, making it the right choice for intensively used fields. In addition TenCate XP Blade™ is more resilient than regular tape yarns: instead of laying flat like other tape yarns do, TenCate XP Blade™ twists due to play forming an attractive and well playable turf surface.


‘Synthetic turf is a world solution’

In the current football season twelve clubs in the Jupiler League (Dutch First Division) will play their home matches on synthetic turf, eleven of these on synthetic turf fibres from TenCate Grass. Six clubs in the Dutch Premier League also have synthetic turf, five with synthetic turf fibres from TenCate Grass.

SBV Excelsior is already familiar with playing on synthetic turf at home as there has been synthetic turf in the Woudestein Stadium since 2010. ‘We have now opted for a new turf surface,’ explained the general director Ferry de Haan earlier to a local news station. ‘It will be a faster field, without the black rubber granules that you saw flying up every time.’ The choice fell on GreenFields® MX Trimension, a woven synthetic turf system that utilizes the synthetic turf fibres of TenCate Grass. It has been approved according to the FIFA 2 Star standard. The infill consists of green coated granules of synthetic rubber (SBR). As the grass yarns are packed closely together, less infill is necessary.

The first kick-off was on Saturday 28 June and introduced players and trainer Marinus Dijkhuizen of Excelsior to the GreenFields® MX Trimension system. They are well pleased with the attractiveness, evenness and natural appearance of the surface. The colours are brighter and the (sprayed) white line markings look fresher than before. That Saturday general director Ferry de Haan, head of communication Vincent Wernke and mascot Woutje praised the new playing field in similar terms.

Not only do the first team and the youth teams train and play on the field, but social activities also take place. ‘There is something to do nearly every day,’ says Vincent Wernke. And just as in the Polman Stadium in Almelo, towards the end of a match the youngsters are already dreaming of kicking a ball around on the field come the final whistle.

Talks about replacing the existing synthetic field in Woudestein Stadium began even before promotion to the top division was an fact. ‘Nothing beats a perfect natural grass surface, but where can you find one of those nowadays?’ says general manager Ferry de Haan. ‘We are a progressive club that’s keen to develop talent. We got talking to one another through the tender. The advance of synthetic grass is a good development. The conditions are always the same for everyone. We want to go along with this and contribute to the development.’

TenCate Grass

TenCate Grass intensifies cooperation with Johan Cruyff Foundation

Since its inception in 1997 the Johan Cruyff Foundation has evolved into an organization that day after day gets youngsters moving and keeps them active. In the seventeen years of the Foundation’s existence the need to get children moving has only increased. That is why in recent years the Foundation’s target group has expanded from children with a handicap to children living in districts where there is little opportunity to play outdoors. There is often too little time, space and attention for children to play sports and games.
The social relevance of this is greater than ever, as sports & games make a real difference in issues such as health, integration, development and participation: Getting youngsters moving again, in a healthy and responsible way.

Over the years the Cruyff Foundation has built 180 Cruyff Courts in the Netherlands and abroad; it has set up a Schoolplein 14 (school playground) project at 100 primary schools in the Netherlands, in which the school itself submits a design for its playground, which is then installed by the Cruyff Foundation. The Foundation provides financial support for large- and small-scale sports projects with their activities for handicapped children.
TenCate Grass supplies the Foundation with the synthetic turf for the Cruyff Courts, and is intensifying its cooperation in the Netherlands and internationally with the Johan Cruyff Foundation, as shown by the attached photo opportunity with Johan Cruyff and Carole Thate, director of the Johan Cruyff Foundation.

Royal Ten Cate nv

World Cup Hockey pitch new standard in international top hockey

The Hockey World Cup 2014 was a great success. For fourteen days the world could enjoy hockey at the highest level. The high-quality synthetic turf system made from TenCate fibres and backing was a perfect base for the World Cup Hockey. Players were able to get the best out of themselves. The audience could enjoy fast and technically advanced top hockey.

There was widespread praise for the high quality synthetic turf system materials developed by TenCate. TenCate is proud of the exploit they have made with their partners. Not only in the construction and maintenance of the top hockey turf at the Kyocera Stadium and temporary GreenFields Stadium, also in the twelve amateur fields in and around The Hague (The Netherlands), where the international teams trained.

Professional players and coaches now require high-quality synthetic turf system made from TenCate fibres and backing to be the new world standard, including for the Olympic Games in Brazil in 2016. For the European Championships Hockey in 2017 in Amsterdam (The Netherlands), the hockey players may already play on this system. It has recently been installed in the Wagener Stadium in the Dutch capital.

The World Cup Hockey system with TenCate components meets all the requirements that are needed for the modern, fast paced hockey games, this includes:

  • A high ball roll speed;
  • Non-directional ball roll;
  • Low friction properties; in dry as well as wet circumstances;
  • Sliding friendly thanks to the usage of TenCate Monoslide™ LSR® fibres;
  • Perfect and well balanced grip (torsion);
  • A damped rebound that will keep the ball low and will result into a perfect control of the ball;
  • Maximized shock absorption; therefore the system will protect the back, knees and other joints which will reduce the risk of an injury;
  • The strong and flexible turf blades will ensure that the hockey stick can be fully placed under the ball.
Royal Ten Cate nv

FC Köln to opt for woven synthetic turf system with TenCate synthetic turf fibres

Professional football has had many years to get used to synthetic turf and to its look and feel. Leading trainers, managers and clubs praise its many advantages, including FC Köln (Cologne). As the frontrunner, however, the club wanted to move with the times and to have the most modern pitch available. Recently two new pitches were installed, one GreenFields MX and one Evolution XQ, at its grounds. Both pitches use the innovative and durable synthetic turf fibres of TenCate Grass.

FC Köln is known as a progressive football club. Immediately after the formation of the Bundesliga, in 1963, the club already had a training centre for both professional players and juniors. The Bundesliga is the highest division in professional football in Germany. The football federation requires every professional football club to have a training centre for young players and this centre must nowadays have synthetic turf. “Here too FC Köln leads the way. The club is, incidentally, also one of the first champions in the Bundesliga”, says Werner Jakobs, managing director of the GreenFields distributor in Germany.

More playing hours on synthetic turf
In the view of Jakobs – a midfielder at Fortuna Düsseldorf in the 1980s – FC Köln has limited space. “With two synthetic turf pitches the football club can both play matches and have training sessions on the turf. This is because synthetic turf makes it possible to play on the pitches more intensively and much more frequently. In this way its young players also have greater opportunities to develop.” The club used the summer recess to completely renew two pitches, whereas one pitch is installed with GreenFields MX. FC Köln became the first club in Germany to opt for GreenFields MX.

Natural appearance
Before the pitches were renewed, FC Köln had already been playing on synthetic turf from GreenFields for many years. “We were delighted with it. GreenFields material is of high quality. Moreover, its appearance very closely resembles that of natural grass”, adds Jörg Schmadtke, managing director of FC Köln. “The new generation of synthetic turf enables us to take huge steps towards bringing synthetic turf as close as possible to natural grass”, states Werner Jakobs. “And what is more, the material is fully recyclable.”
Special pitch for goalkeepers

Schmadtke is known as a successful manager: in fact, several years ago he was voted Manager of the Year in the Bundesliga. Previously he had been a professional keeper. That background probably played a role in the decision to install a special pitch for the professional training of goalkeepers, which will be a blend of synthetic turf and natural elements.