Saltex Case Study: AKA Arena, Honefoss BK


Case Study by Saltex
AKA Arena, Hønefoss BK

City, Country: Hønefoss, Norway
Quality: Saltex DROP4009 MTRX PRC10
Size: 7.992 m2
Project included: Removal of the existing artificial grass and installation of Saltex DROP 4009 MTRX PRC10


Hønefoss BK is a professional Norwegian Football club, playing in the Adecco League, with great ambitions. The facilities of such a club, including the stadium field; the stage where it all happens, need to support these sportive ambitions. Hønefoss BK needs a a top level playing field at the AKA Arena.

After four years of use, the existing facility wasn’t meeting the criteria for top football in Norway anymore. This resulted in the field not meeting the FIFA 2 star criteria anymore and complaints from players and trainers about the playing surface related to unnatural ball-behavior like ball bounce, sliding characteristics and back injuries. Finally, the field couldn’t be used for training purposes anymore and a new field was needed.

Based on their experience with the existing field, the club set a number of criteria for the new field to meet. The most important demands from the players were: a better player/ field interaction, easier to turn, more natural ball reaction and less rubber infill splash.

Saltex Solution

Saltex’ solution to support the clubs ambition was a combination of the proven performance and durability of Saltex DROP fiber and the unique Saltex MTRX technique. This combination gives the players of Hønefosss BK the optimal playing field. With proven better ball bounce, rotational resistance and free infill movement, the Saltex Drop MTRX meets the expectations of the players.

Saltex MTRX: with traditional artificial grass systems the fibers are positioned one by one in the backing in a pre determined distance from each other. This way of producing is standard for the industry and this directly shows the limitations in the development of artificial grass. Up until now: by creating natural grass like bundles we create a similar structure like natural grass fields; with the same playing characteristics and experience. A development, which we are the only ones to achieve!

With natural grass as our inspiration we have created the most natural looking, feeling and playing artificial grass pitch available, proved!

User comments:

“Very good, this is reminiscent of what other elite clubs have, very good.” says Mats Andre Kaland.

“The difference between the old and the new grass is that it’s now easier to get under the ball and the sliding is much better”, says Kristian Örn Sigurdsson. He continues: “Many people struggled with back problems last year, I did too, this new field feels much better on the body.”

“The old field had too high ball bounce, the new field feels more natural, also it’s much easier to turn. I think it will make a very big difference for our game.” says Kevin Beugre.

Toni Kolehmainen concludes “The better the field, the more fun it is to play, I think we all have been waiting for this. Now we don’t have to drive elsewhere to train”.

Source: Ringerikes Blad