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Landscaping synthetic turf for poolside

Perfect grass does provide some beauty around a swimming pool, softening the harsh lines of swimming pool equipment and helping these to blend more naturally with the surrounding environment. A solution to arrive to that result would be some synthetic grass. Indeed, synthetic turf brings everything swimming pool owners would seek for their poolside: beauty, […]

ESTO issues statement on rubber crumb infill

Following a meeting held on 8 March 2016 in Brussel, the European Commission has issued some clarification regarding the rubber crumb used as infill for synthetic turf. It has been confirmed that rubber crumb used as infill is a “mixture”, which has a consequence on what restrictions rubber crumb falls under. For more details, the ESTO has […]

Landscaping synthetic grass for rooftops

Synthetic lawn has the ability to completely transform rooftops and terraces within cities, that often appear quite dull and grey, into a garden space that becomes not only a pleasure to use but an idyllic icon of luxury. This is why inhabitants of building rooftops and patios of western cities are increasingly investing into synthetic […]

A unique sports complex with an indoor rugby synthetic turf pitch

The Hpark did not take long to make itself a name. Opened since June 28, 2012, this sports complex has already become the landmark of sportsmen and especially rugby fans in Clermont-Ferrand (France). “The first impressions are good. The public is receptive to the concept, especially with the appeal of the sport”, says the captain […]

Rugby synthetic turf pitch in a mountainous region of France

Francis Cazenavette, mayor of Argelès-Gazost (in the French Pyrenees), and the City Council inaugurated on September 22, 2012, the new sports field with synthetic grass in the presence of M. Camou, president of the French Rugby Federation. Argelès-Gazost has since then benefited from that rugby synthetic turf field, on which today all practices and games […]

Rehabilitation of an old football pitch into synthetic turf

In the town of Trappes, in the suburb of Paris, the municipality launched and completed last summer the rehabilitation of a football pitch made out of gravels, into a brand new synthetic grass pitch. At the beginning of last summer, the workers were hard at work on the Yuri Gagarin football pitch in Trappes. The […]

Synthetic grass football field at FC Castelnau Le Crès, southern France

Founded in 1995 when two neighbouring football clubs (l’Entente Cressoise and l’Entente de Castelnau) merged together, FC Castelnau Le Cres is located in Castelnau, in southern France. Best amateur youth club of the football league of Languedoc – Roussillon (region in Southern France), the club has always been financially supported by the town of Castelnau […]

The Louis Blériot training centre of Stade de Reims

Among legendary football clubs in France, the Stade de Reims stands in good a position. With 6 national titles, the club based in the city of Reims was the main club in France in the 50s and 60s when it accumulated many trophies and reached the European Cup final twice. The club has since then […]

Synthetic turf for intense usage in Lausanne

Some universities may act as hubs for sporting activities in given areas, this is why most of them host sports equipment of the latest generation. The EPFL (Ecole Polytechnique Fédéral de Lausanne) in Lausanne is one of them. In order to accommodate the sporting needs of around 30,000 students (including EPFL and UNIL), the university […]