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‘Green Tide’ in Zaragoza

It was part of the City’s initiative for the first quarter of 2011 to replace the natural grass municipal soccer fields with eco-efficient turf fields that will generate social, economic and environmental benefits:         a natural grass soccer field requires approximately 3,000 litres of water daily, three times more than necessary for a synthetic field […]

Synthetic Turf a major contributor to the success of Football in Iceland and EURO 2016

Having achieved a wonderful Euro 2016 tournament for their first participation, reaching the quarter finals, Iceland have confirmed its huge progression in its football from the past few years. Iceland’s extensive and rather recent use of synthetic turf is arguably a major factor in the overall improvement of football standards in the country. This article explains the link […]

Interview with Lebanese Football coach Jad

         Question 1: Hello Mr. Jad can you please present your self and tell us what you do?   J: Hello my name is Jad I am a Lebanese football coach, I coach players under the age of 21 in some academies and clubs in Lebanon. I enjoy doing so as I help young talented […]

A student’s perspective on the benefits of synthetic turf

I am a 16 year old student at the International School of Geneva. This paper should outline my perspective on synthetic turf, and the usage in schools.       I often hear football players complaining about how the pitch they want to play on is close due to “maintenance” or because it is being watered. These problems can all be avoided by converting these areas to synthetic turf.    […]

What are the advantages of synthetic turf for schools?

I am student at the International School of Geneva going into Year 12. I am writing this paper to outline my perspective of synthetic turf. I don’t have too much experience with it since I play basketball which is an indoor sport however my school does have a football field made out of synthetic turf […]

ZV Zulte Waregem and the decision to opt for synthetic turf

SV Zulte Waregem is a football club playing in the Belgian Jupiler League and was founded in 1935 in the town of Waregem. They play their home games at the Stade Arc-en-ciel, which translates into Rainbow Stadium, and can host a bit less than 10,000 spectators. In order to grow the club, an ambitious renovation […]

Sint-Truidense V.V enjoys full benefits of synthetic turf since 2011

Freshly promoted into the Belgian Jupiler League for the start of last season, Sint-Truidense V.V. has been playing its home games on synthetic turf since 2011. The club just about managed to avoid relegation to 2nd division last month so its stadium, the Stayenveld (14,600 spectators), will continue to host 1st division matches on its […]

RSC Charleroi hoping for a synthetic pitch for next season

The Sporting Club Charleroi (SC Charleroi) is a football club playing in the Belgian Jupiler League (1st division). The club has for now played 50 seasons in 1st division throughout its history but is yet to win it for the first time. Therefore, the club knows that to continue to grow, it must not only […]

Landscaping synthetic grass for rooftops

Synthetic lawn has the ability to completely transform rooftops and terraces within cities, that often appear quite dull and grey, into a garden space that becomes not only a pleasure to use but an idyllic icon of luxury. This is why inhabitants of building rooftops and patios of western cities are increasingly investing into synthetic […]