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Re-Match to build 24 factories – starting in the Netherlands

With new investment capital, the Danish recycler of synthetic turf, Re-Match, sets out to build factories across Europe and North America. The first facility outside Denmark will be placed in the Netherlands to meet an increasing demand for a sustainable solution to the handling of worn-out synthetic turf. Re-Match, based in Herning, Denmark, has developed […]

Re-Match gets approval from FIFA accredited Sports Labs

The UK-based company Sports Labs, who are experts in sports surface testing, has given two new artificial turf fields in Denmark a clear thumbs-up. The fields are installed by WGS, who chose Re-match as supplier of recycled sand and rubber for infill. A large number of tests were performed, such as ball roll, ball rebound and […]

Re-Match has obtained an ETV Certification

Environmental Technology Verification The ETV certification serves as an official document, recognized worldwide and such certification confirms that Re-Match in fact do what they claim; turning waste into clean separated end products. The concept of the Environmental Technology Verification program is to offer a verification procedure to cutting edge environmental technologies that may otherwise find it difficult to […]

Five examples of re-using recycled turf fibres at the sportfacility

The separated turf fibre is a clean raw material ready for new products The Re-Match separation process for recycling worn out artificial turf ensures high quality and cleanliness of the end-products; the recreated raw materials. In this version of Turf Tips we will have a closer look at the possibilities in reusing the recycled turf fibres in […]

The best Turf Tips from 2016

Creating a better business and a clean conscienceWithout leaving any waste from the original components Re-Match provides sport arenas and stadiums the opportunity to dispose of their used synthetic turf without negatively effecting the environment. Re-Match will pick up your old synthetic turf for less than what you would pay in disposal fee at the […]

Turf Tips: Choose the right service provider

Recycling of both carpet and infill – almost 100% material recovery is possible – if you choose the right service provider. A number of domestic and foreign market players offer services with relation to disposal of artificial turf pitches. Unfortunately, these players may not all have access to the recycling technology, which they market. Various […]

Re-Match Turf Tips: What to look for when replacing turf?

You have decided to replace your old turf system – what to look out for: Direct re-use of your own infill. Direct re-use of your old, untreated infill may negatively affect the playability of your new pitch. It is a likely health hazard to the players, and the drainage system of your new pitch may […]

Re-Match Turf Tips: When to make a replacement call?

When should you as a pitch owner make the replacement call?A number of (local) conditions will usually play a major role determining the actual, technical lifetime of your artificial turf system. The most important factors include the original product quality of the used infill and carpet; the construction of the base and under layer; the […]

Scenes from the official opening of the first Re-Match Facility

The world’s only solution for sustainable recycling of synthetic turf We would like to thank everyone who participated in the official opening of the first Re-Match facility. The opening highlighted the beginning of a brand new green industry with a worldwide potential. Synthetic turf is gaining popularity all over the world. Especially in soccer fields, […]