An installation with views: Polytan|STI playing field on the high seas

Smyril Line passengers were somewhat taken aback in early June: during the crossing from Denmark to Iceland via the Faroe Islands, they were able not only to enjoy the stunning views, but also to watch the installation of a Polytan|STI mini-pitch at the same time. Future travellers will have the chance to play football just above sea level on a pitch made of blue synthetic turf.

The use of a transparent band system means that the mini playing field blends in beautifully with the open deck, offering uninterrupted views of the waves and the horizon or the surrounding scenery at the same time. The idea is part of the new concept of the Smyril Line to offer something extra-special for young passengers on board. And the mobile mini-pitch with views is certainly not something you see every day.

When it came to installing the Polytan MegaTurf CPF synthetic turf in blue, Polytan|STI experts were faced with a few challenges: first of all, the installation had to be done whilst the ferry was in operation. The logistical details thus had to be perfectly coordinated – all the materials required were loaded in the port of departure. The installation itself was a further challenge: 15 millimetres of synthetic surface had to be removed from the ship’s deck so that a 25-millimetre thick elastic layer could then be installed. The Polytan|STI MegaTurf pitch was subsequently laid on top. Polytan|STI collaborated with BOS Sport und Werbung GbR of Münster on the installation of the one-metre band, including a two-metre-high net and net cover.