Alveosport shock pad is back – Sekisui Alveo relaunches proven product with new branding

Sekisui Alveo, European manufacturer of high-quality polymeric foams, is relaunching Alveosport, their high-performance shock pad for artificial turf. The company has re-branded the product to better reflect the dynamics and robustness that have made this shock pad a first choice across Europe.

After having been unavailable for many months, Alveosport is back. The eagerly-awaited shock pad will be available for delivery again in March 2018. Customers may place orders now.


New image better reflects the product qualities

Sekisui Alveo used the production pause to refresh the Alveosport logo and graphics as well as the website The new visual style better expresses the dynamics and robustness for which Alveosport is famous. The new logo includes a graphic of the product itself, with the patented groove pattern that is central to the outstanding consistent performance of this innovative shock pad.


Rebuilt factory with new state-of-the-art machinery

Alveosport has been unavailable this year due to a fire in the factory at Roermond, in the Netherlands. The rebuilding is ongoing and new replacement machinery, including custom-built special machines, will be installed soon. For instance, the machine used to process Alveosport represents unique technology – there is no other machine like it available anywhere in the world.


Same proven product, same high quality

The factory is new, but Alveosport remains the same proven product, with the same quality and the same performance that customers trust and expect. The key to the constant high quality is the material and the design. Only pure virgin base materials are used, so that the mechanical properties can be precisely controlled and matched to the type of artificial turf and sport. The physically cross-linked closed-cell polyolefin foam material has very low water absorption. This, in conjunction with the drainage design, keeps the performance of the field constant as temperature and moisture conditions vary – and often extends the outdoor playing season by many months.


Excellent performance

In terms of installation, technical performance, and environmental impact, Alveosport is a winner.  Installing the shock pad is fast and easy. It can be done in one day under any weather conditions and requires neither special machinery nor skilled personnel. Sports performance is optimised. The shock pad provides excellent shock absorption, energy restitution, and ball rebound uniformly across the entire field. The cushioning significantly reduces the risk of injuries. And in terms of environmental performance, Alveosport releases no harmful chemicals or gases known to pollute soil, water, or air – and at the end of a long service life of the artificial grass component, the Alveosport shockpad can be re-used


Proven durability

“Artificial turf football fields installed on an Alveosport shock pad continue to meet stringent FIFA quality standards even after ten years of hard use. This was proven by a scientific study conducted last year”, explains Frenk Stoop, Sales Manager for Alveosport. The study shows that the shock absorbency and the ball-bounce characteristics of fields with an Alveosport shock pad remain high for a longer period of time than for non shockpad fields. The results were so positive that these fields will also match the standards in the coming years.


Best long-term investment

Assurance that a field with a shock pad will still deliver the required performance after ten years of use is decisive for clubs or municipalities that want to choose a high-quality field with the best life-cycle cost. Considering maintenance, replacement cost, and service life, an artificial turf field with good strong fibres and with a shock pad turns out to be the best long-term investment. Alveosport shock pad can be reused when a field is being renovated. When the artificial turf wears out after a number of years, one need only to invest in a new carpet. This saves significant costs. It also saves time, energy, and material – and minimizes the interruption so the players can return very soon to a comfortable, healthy, high-performance field.