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Act Global Appointed Official FIH Supplier for Hockey Turf

The International Hockey Federation has today announced its appointment of Official FIH Suppliers, who have demonstrated commitment to provide top level hockey surfaces around the world.

Act Global is among seven companies to be recognized in the flagship program. To be appointed, Act Global demonstrated its commitment to working with the FIH to grow the game of hockey and providing high-quality pitches suitable for international, national, club and development hockey.

“Act Global is dedicated to collaborating with the FIH to set the industry standards and build the fields needed to grow and sustain the game,” said Chris Clapham, co-owner of Act Global. “We ensure quality in all our synthetic turf systems to maximize performance and safety for players.”

Act Global engineers several high performing sand-dressed and water-based hockey turf systems, certified for National and Global level play. Using highly resilient yarns, and a short, dense pile height, Xtreme Turf Hockey provides a flat, sturdy surface for optimal high speed of play. Xtreme Turf has been Certified in hockey pitches around the world, with a recent Global Category for two pitches at Millfield School in England.

The FIH Supplier initiative is part of the FIH Quality Programme for Hockey Turf which is aimed at ensuring good quality hockey fields are built for all levels of play. This internationally recognised programme provides consistent and dependable industry standards for the performance, construction and durability of hockey turf installations worldwide. As a result it will help inspire more people to play hockey, promote player welfare and protect the investment of those funding hockey facilities.